As a Changemaker on the Member Engagement team, you'll work to support communication with thousands of MPower Change members across the country. As a grassroots platform, constant and constructive two-way engagement with our members is a crucial part of our mission. The Member Engagement Team serves as the voice of the organization, responding to incoming communications from members. Join this team →

As a Changemaker on the Social Media team, you'll help us curate content for MPower Change’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat) to engage our existing members, grow new membership, and encourage members to take action on the most pressing issues impacting Muslim communities today. MPower Change’s content reaches hundreds of thousands of members across the country and the world. The Social Media team will work to develop and distribute engaging political and cultural content. Join this team →

As a Changemaker on the Field Organizing team, you'll work on the ground, alongside other activists, organizers, and organizations. The Field Organizing team will engage in direct actions, field campaigns, and digital campaigns. Your work on the ground will create synergy and movement between what happens on the ground, in a certain location, with MPower Change. Whether it's listening sessions, phone banking, deep canvassing, protesting, or marching, there's a spot for you here. Join this team →

As a Changemaker on the Graphic Design & Video team, you will produce original and compelling digital/print assets for use on a variety of platforms (email, social media, and websites) to engage our members. Video members on the team will help with editing footage and creating video content for our platforms. Our websites, emails, and social media pages reach hundreds of thousands of members daily. Creating attractive, unique, and compelling content with a consistent branding will help further our mission of organizing and engaging Muslims across the U.S. Join this team →

As a Changemaker on MPower Legal & Policy team, you will help provide MPower staff and members with analyses of laws and policies to craft the most strategic and effective responses. With impacts to Muslim communities originating from a variety of legal and institutional actors, having current, accurate knowledge with a legal interpretation of policies, proposals, and legislation, is essential to fulfilling our mission of creating organized and resilient communities. Join this team →

As a Changemaker on MPower's Web Development team, you'll assist MPower staff with coding, design, and layout of the MPower Change website and/or other projects. MPower Change is a digital platform building power online and our website is home to our campaign pages and other content. As a Changemaker on the Web Development team, you'll work on the backbone of our work: the website. Maintaining a fresh design and modern UX and UI is critical to make sure our members stay active and engaged. Other projects may occur, such as microsites, help us reach individual campaign goals. Join this team →